While there are many different kinds of hammers, no homeowner should be without these three basic designs. With these hammers in your toolbox, it’s possible to take on just about any type of home re-pair project.

Claw Foot Hammer

Sometimes known as a claw hammer, this basic style is your tool of choice for general projects. The head is ideal for driving in nails of various sizes. The claw feature makes it much easier to pull out nails when the need arises without a lot of trouble.

Ball Pein Hammer

This hammer includes one side for driving in nails and another for shaping the heads of those nails. You’ll find this one handy for working with metal, since the rounded pein on the head makes it easier to ensure the nail is flush with any metal sheeting that you are nailing in place.

Soft Faced Hammer

This hammer sports a head that is coated with some sort of rubber. You can use this hammer when nailing into wood, sheet rock, and similar substances that would be damaged using a standard claw hammer.

All these hammers come in different sizes, and may include handles that are made of wood, fiber-glass, or some type of metal. Choose hammers that fit the contours of your hand and are easy to grip. This will increase the level of control that you have when putting these tools to good use.