Screwdrivers come in handy for all sorts of home repair projects, ranging from installing cabinet doors to opening the backs of small appliances. There are three basic types of screwdrivers that you need to include in your toolbox if you want to manage your own home repairs.

Flat Head Screwdriver

Many of the tasks you undertake will involve the use of this type of screwdriver. The blade is a simple slash that fits neatly into the tops of flat head screws. Use the handle to insert the slash into the head of the screw and then turn to the right to tighten it, or to the left to loosen the screw.

Phillips Head Screwdriver

The blade on a Phillips screwdriver sports a design at the end that looks like the letter “x.” Originally developed as a kind of screw and screwdriver for use in automobile manufacturing, this design is now used for small home appliances, cabinetry, and many other household items.

Allen Screwdriver

Sometimes called a hex wrench, this screwdriver has a metal body in the shape of an “L” and two hexagonal heads. Bicycles, some types of furniture, and various vehicle components use these types of screws. The smaller body of the screwdriver makes it easier to tighten and loosen the screws, even if they happen to be in hard to reach places.

No toolbox should be without these three basic screwdrivers. With them in hand, you can take care of just about any small repair around the house.