Along with hammers and screwdrivers, there are a few other tools that are essential to outfitting your home toolbox. Many of these tools are inexpensive, making it easy to obtain them for future use.


A small hand level will help with many projects. The basic design includes a clear reservoir in the cen-ter of an oblong body. The reservoir is filled with liquid. You can use the level to make sure those chair railings, wall art, and other things are perfectly balanced before you secure them in place.

Retractable Tape Measure

This type of measuring tool makes it much easier lengths of wood or other materials before cutting. The device comes with a lock that allows you to keep the tape in place and then use the spring mech-anism to retract it when you are finished.

Hand Saw

A good hand saw makes it easy to cut small trim wooden slats for blinds or cut pieces of molding for walls. Opt for a design that includes a strong handle so that you can grip it securely and control the movement of the blade with greater ease.


Pliers in several sizes make it easier to grip pipes and other materials that you need for home im-provement projects. Adjustable pliers that can be locked in position are especially helpful.
There are other tools to consider, such as a staple gun and a flashlight. Invest in high quality tools, and they will last you a lifetime.